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 Building a Barracks City

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Building a Barracks City Empty
PostSubject: Building a Barracks City   Building a Barracks City EmptyTue Aug 11, 2009 8:36 pm

If you plan on having a city full of Barracks. Here are helpful tips.

One only grow 3 resources Iron (2 rows) Farms (3 rows) Lumber (3 rows).

Stone can be imported in from other cities. This allows more resources in the areas of what is needed to build armies. Stone only needed for Catapults.

You can Place:
Barracks - 15
Cottages - 12
Academy - 1
Rally Spot - 1
Feasting Hall - 1
Relief Station - 1
Beacon Tower - 1

Now if you produce enough resources from Other Cities you can turn Off Production to allow Maximum Idle Population. Do Not Turn Off Food Production

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Building a Barracks City
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