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 We're Famous!!!

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We're Famous!!! Empty
PostSubject: We're Famous!!!   We're Famous!!! EmptyMon Aug 17, 2009 5:40 am

Here's some reading material for you all!

Its all about why Alavon and co are big bad nasty wolves!

This one has 3 pages of trying to keep us off server 37 and we are mentioned!

This is there opening sentence...

"Hello everyone on server 37. There is a threat looming over the horizon. This server is new but it must be stated right now that we must all come together and agree to keep out Avalon, Xcal, Arturia, or any other of their offshoots from this server. They are fascists who seek to take over whole servers. I come from server 5 and they have done it to the servers before it. Server 20 decided to ally in the common goal of keeping them out and they succeeded. We must do the same to ensure an enjoyable game over here."

But this is my fav quote...

"So if you see a flag that says AVLN or XCAL or CAML, look your doors and windows, bring your women and children inside, and ATTACK!!!" (page 2)

Also we have

Where alot of people are very intruiged about the actual gender of lady Saber! And has 12 pages!

Well i thought it was quite funny to read, so im passing it on!

Happy Reading

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We're Famous!!!
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