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 Defending your city

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Defending your city Empty
PostSubject: Defending your city   Defending your city EmptyTue Oct 27, 2009 9:03 pm

Wow...I have picked up quite a few things since joining the alliance. For instance, the use of scouts when someone is attacking you. For the longest time (before Arturia) I only had enough scouts to send out to check a city or valley.

So, anyone wanting to posts some tips about defending your city is welcome!

Obviously, we have heard and seen that if gates and embassy is not open, alliance members cannot effectively reinforce your city.

What else should we make sure we do? I hear that Archers Towers are the only real fortification that matters (return on the investment of resources that is). Would you agree or disagree?

[b]Asa of Arturia
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Defending your city
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